Saferacks 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Racks

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Transform your garage into an oasis of organization and functionality with SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Racks. This pioneering storage solution has set the standard in the industry, revolutionizing how homeowners manage clutter and disorganization in their garages.

SafeRacks features a patented mounting system meticulously engineered to support heavy loads, offering a secure and durable platform for all your storage needs. The ceiling-mounted racks capitalize on the underused space above, providing a convenient spot to stow away large, cumbersome items such as seasonal decorations, outdoor gear, and workshop tools. This system ensures your items are not only organized and within easy reach but also kept safe and secure. By elevating your belongings, you protect them from potential damage while freeing up essential floor space, enhancing your garage's navigability and functionality. This strategic storage approach addresses the enduring issue of garage clutter, transforming a chaotic area into a paragon of efficiency.

But SafeRacks isn't merely about storage—it's about transforming your garage into a multipurpose area that supports a variety of activities, from parking your vehicle to engaging in hobbies. With its robust construction and smart design, the SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Rack is the optimal choice for anyone aiming to improve their garage's practicality and visual appeal.

Overhead Garage Storage Rack Details:

  • 3ft wide by 6ft long
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Adjustable ceiling-drop from 12" to 45"
  • Industrial-strength steel construction
  • Secure and reliable hardware tested to meet safety standards
  • Rust resistant powder coat finish
  • Patented ceiling brackets span across two ceiling joists
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

Overhead Garage Storage Rack Installation:

Installation into wood joists is required. Do not install into I-beams, steel joists, concrete ceilings, or any non-traditional materials. Installation services available in select cities.