Positive Posture Café+ True Zero Gravity Massaging Power Recliner

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Experience the seamless blend of modern sophistication and unmatched comfort with the Café+ True Zero Gravity® massaging power recliner. Immerse yourself in the union of hand-stitched top grain leather and contouring memory foam, cradling you in opulent and tranquil repose. Crafted with a durable steel frame, this recliner is engineered for lifelong endurance.

Operated by two distinct encoded actuators – one dedicated to the back, the other to your legs and feet – this recliner effortlessly transitions you from an upright posture to a luxuriously deep recline. Navigate preset positions or your personally cherished configurations with unwavering dependability. Elevate your relaxation further with the enveloping warmth and the rhythmic embrace of the Deep-Relax Waveform Massage, guiding your body and mind to a realm of serenity and tranquility.

Features & Highlights:


  • Width: 32′ (81.28cm)
  • Height: 48.25′ (122.55cm)
  • Upright Length: 36.6″ (92.96 cm)
  • Reclined Length: 63.4″ (161.03 cm)


  • Weight (Net): 117.5 lbs (53.3 kg)
  • Weight (Boxed) 134 lbs (60.8 kg) (1 box)


  • 120 Volts AC / 60 Hertz (USA and Canada Recliners)


  • High Temp: 98.6 degrees (37 C)
  • Auto Shutoff: 60 min
  • Type: Heat Pad with Nichrome Wire

The Beauty of the Cafe+ Speaks For Itself


True Zero Gravity recliners gracefully conform to your physique and unique relaxation requirements. By gently cradling your neck, spine, and head, and softly supporting your extremities, Positive Posture chairs eliminate strain on your muscles, joints, and bones. This enables better breathing and circulation, for greatly enhanced overall wellness. Fine-tune your recliner to your perfect personal comfort profile. Dual finger-touch controls and an intuitive remote let you activate subtle, independent, whisper-quiet movements of the seat and back to True Zero Gravity, bringing you instant comfort!


Positive Posture offers owners a 3-Year Limited Warranty WITH ON-SITE SERVICE. In our experience Positive Posture offers great service coverage everywhere in the USA and in Canada to homes located in or near cities.

Full manufacturer limited warranty details (legal language, limitations, etc.) can be found on each of the manufacturer’s websites.

100% Leather. 100% Comfortable.