Arjo Sara Flex Electric Sit-To-Stand Patient Lift with Handles and Deluxe Comfort Sling

Arjo HEB1000-01+TSS.501-L1
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The Arjo Sara Flex enables a single caregiver to assist a patient or resident from a seated to a standing position, in one natural movement. Sara Flex is specifically designed for patients and residents who are unable to mobilize without assistance but able to contribute to the action or perform part of the action independently.

They are the difference between comfort and pain, a calm patient or a frightened patient, a caregiver who can work efficiently or a caregiver who’s always trying to catch up. When moving a patient from a sitting to a standing position, details make all the difference.

Designed to make everyday transfer and care tasks easier, Sara® Flex from Arjo equips a single caregiver with the ability to position a patient from a seated to a safe, secure and comfortable standing position, in one ergonomic movement.

It’s attention to the details that makes every Sara Flex transfer — be it to a wheelchair, the toilet, a shower chair or during early mobilization after surgery — a positive experience.

Highlights & Features:
  • DSDC DEMENTIA DESIGN ACCREDITED PRODUCT - The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling has reviewed Sara Flex and awarded it a DSDC Product Accreditation Rating Class 1B.
  • PATIENT SUPPORTPromotes comfort and security throughout and at the completion of the sit-to-stand movement.
    Forward movement, combined with the flexible leg support, enables
    a natural and comfortable sit-to-stand movement.
  • FACILITATING A RANGE OF KEY TRANSFERS AND CARE TASKSDesigned with ease of use for the single caregiver in mind, with no adjustments required.
  • FLEXIBLE SILICONE LEG SUPPORT - Curved design with a soft and flexible surface that supports the lower legs and knees throughout the sit-to-stand movement. Requiring no adjustments, the large surface caters for a broad range of patients while delivering good comfort.
  • FLEXIBLE SILICONE LEG STRAP - Positioned low and with and multiple adjustment options to ensure patients can be securely positioned from a seated to a standing position.
  • EASY-TO-USE HAND CONTROL WITH DISPLAY - The hand control is on a long flexible cord that enables the caregiver to stay close to the patient throughout the transfer.
  • CAREGIVER HANDLE - Curved handle enables the caregiver to choose where to hold.
  • PATIENT HANDLE - The contrast-coloured angled patient handle positions the hands, wrists and elbows throughout the sit-to-stand movement.
  • LOW HORIZONTAL FOOTPLATE - Keeping the patient’s feet close to the ground means their knees are not raised too high, making it easier to stands
  • SCALE (OPTION) - Built in electronic scale shows the patient’s weight on the display of the hand control.

Click here to download the Sara Flex Brochure

Max safe working load kg 200 kg
Max safe working load lb 440 lb
Lift Weight (incl battery) kg 53,6 kg
Lift Weight (incl battery) lb 118 lb
Min total storage height mm 1162 mm
Min total storage height in 45 3/4 in
Min lifting height mm 991 mm
Min lifting height in 39 in
Max lifting height mm 1518 mm
Max lifting height in 59 3/4 in
External width legs closed mm 660 mm
External width legs closed in 26 in
External width legs open mm 1029 mm
External width legs open in 40 1/2 in
Internal width leg closed mm 530 mm
Internal width leg closed in 20 7/8 in
Internal width leg open mm 899 mm
Internal width leg open in 35 3/8 in
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) mm 108 mm
Leg clearance (floor to top of legs) in 4 1/4 in
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) mm 23 mm
Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis) in 1 in
Lift total length mm 996 mm
Lift total length in 39 1/4 in
Turning radius mm 1208 mm
Turning radius in 47 1/2 in
Lifter protection class IP24
Handcontrol protection class IPX7
Battery 24V 4Ah
Battery Charge Indicator yes
Service meter - displays the total usage of time (hours) yes
Emergency stop and system failure override yes
Automatic safety cut out if lowered onto an obstacle yes
Low friction castors, the rear two with breaks yes