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Joerns Healthcare Arise® 1000 EX Low Air Loss Mattress System

Joerns Healthcare AREXLAL-3680NZ

The Arise 1000 EX is an expandable therapy system that provides pressure redistribution by combining low air loss with pulsation for patients weighing up to 1000 lb. This product has been specifically designed for the unique features of the Joerns Bari10A bed frame and its capability to extend and contract in width and length.

With special features such as a power interruption alarm, a patient position sensor which optimizes support for seated patients (Fowler Boost) and a low friction and low shear cover, the Arise 1000 EX can provide increased caregiver peace of mind and patient comfort for your bariatric patients.

Clinical Indications

  • Pressure redistribution: Stage I ‐ IV Pressure Ulcers, Moisture Management Required, Rehabilitation, Burns, Neurology, Dermatology, Amputations
  • Pain Management: AIDS, Arthritis, Oncology


  • Sixteen (eight paired) therapy cells help to evenly distribute the patient’s weight and maximize pressure relief
  • 5" deep therapy cells provide support and prevent bottoming out for patients within weight limit
  • Mattress control panel provides: independent inflation and deflation of 6" wide side bolsters when used in combination with the Joerns Bari10A bed frame (allows for mattress widths of 36", 42" or 48")
  • Length inflation and deflation from 80" to 88"
  • Inflation and deflation of integrated CairRails risk management side air bolsters
  • Lower 3" therapy cell provides support in the event of a power failure
  • Three zone system: head, seat and foot
  • Low shear and low friction nylon therapy pad is treated with an antimicrobial agent
  • Anti-kink, easy clean air supply hose set
  • Maximum weight capacity of 1000 lb
  • Control unit features true low air loss
  • Three modes of operation – Autofirm, Pulsate and Therapy
  • Autofirm mode provides maximum air inflation to assist both patient and caregiver during patient transfer and treatment
  • Pulsate mode oscillates air throughout the mattress every 30 seconds providing increased patient comfort
  • Therapy control settings with eight levels to maximize patient comfort, compliance and to promote healing
  • Patient position sensor optimizes support for seated occupants (Fowler Boost)
  • Quick disconnect hose feature allows for rapid attach and CPR deflate at the control unit
  • Automatic panel lockout to avoid unwanted or accidental adjustments
  • Specially designed enclosure for low noise and durability
  • Bed SOLD Sperately


  • Mattress width: 36" (91 cm), 42" (107 cm), 48" (122 cm)
  • Mattress length: 80" (203 cm), 88" (224 cm)
  • Mattress depth: 8.5" (22 cm)
  • Mattress weight: 28 lb (13 kg)
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1000 lb (455 kg)
  • Control unit dimensions: 13.5" (34 cm) W x 11" (28 cm) H x 7.5" (19 cm) D
  • Control unit weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)