Roscoe Medical Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat and Back

Roscoe Medical 77662
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Seat platform slide smoothly over polished, high strenth aluminum. Molded plastic swivel seat and back, drainage holes in seat. Swivel seat locks every 90 degrees, allows for easy entry to and from the bench. Safety belt and dual safety locks. Height adjusts in half inch increments. Suction tipped legs. White.
  • Durable blow molded plastic swivel seat and back have a textured surface and are contoured with drainage holes to reduces slipping
  • Swivel seat, locking every 90°, allows for easy entry to and from the bench
  • Seat platform slides smoothly over polished, high-strength aluminum tubes
  • Safety belt and dual safety locks come standard
  • Adjustable height to fit both user’s needs and bathtub wall clearance

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