Hippocampe All-Terrain High Performance Wheelchair Parts & Accessories

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Hippocampe All-Terrain High Performance Wheelchair Parts & Accessories

Discover Vipamat Hippocampe, the leisure wheelchair that lets you enjoy the outdoor sports activities to the fullest, whatever the season. With Hippocampe, you can cross the sand, get over any obstacles and go right into the sea. And Hippocampe floats while you have a swim. Designed by a team of specialist paramedics and tested and approved by people with restricted mobility, Hippocampe adapts itself to each person‛s specific needs and requirements. Sturdy, reliable and safe, you can place complete trust in it. Enjoy simple pleasures with family or friends: strolls along coastal tracks, in the woods or in the mountains. Share exciting moments and create memories with the people you love.

Additional Accessories Include:  

  1. Safety Harness
  2. Transport Bag
  3. Backrest Bag
  4. Multi-Purpose Headrest
  5. Adjustable Arm Rest
  6. Brakes (Set of 2)
  7. Ski Kit (Front Wheel)
  8. Ski Kit Set (Rear Wheel)
  9. Large Beach Wheels (Set)
  10. Waist Belt
  11. Anti-Freezing Cover