Easy Dentures - Additional Sizing Guidelines

Some additional sizing guidelines to help you choose the right size

The S/M (i.e. Small) denture is 2” across from the outside of the 1st molar to the outside of the other 1st molar.

The M/L (i.e. Large) denture is 2 - 1/8” across. However, this does not matter as much when sizing because the occlusion (i.e. how wide or narrow the denture is in comparison to lining up with the other arch) is completely adjustable once the product is boiled during the self-fitting process (see FAQ’s on our website as well as the fitting videos).

Therefore those dimensions stated can change fairly significantly as the product is heated and adjusted. Also, when sizing, the teeth are approximately 15% larger with the M/L (i.e. Large) vs. S/M (i.e. Small) as is the amount of NuvoFlex material provided on the denture (i.e. the material that softens when the product is boiled). So if you have smaller facial features we recommend the S/M, larger facial features, we recommend the M/L. And in summary, either denture can essentially be fit to most any size mouth, you simply need to decide if you would prefer smaller or larger teeth based on your facial features.