Actimove Wrist Stabilizer Carpal Pre-Shaped Metal Stay Universal - Right/Left

Actimove 7571420
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Actimove's Everyday Support Wrist Stabilizer Carpal provides anatomical shape for correct positioning, relief from wrist pain and full finger movement and hand dexterity. Actimove Everyday Supports provide medical compression that helps to aid with pain relief. Enduring comfort combined with firm compression, adjustable pressure, and durable support for added pain relief.


  • STABILIZING TO HELP MANAGE PAIN: Actimove's Wrist Stabilizer Carpal helps to manage pain by stabilizing the wrist with anatomically shaped stay for correct positioning.
  • PROVIDES WRIST RELIEF: Healing and relief from pain are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression. This support allows hands to rest on palmar pad supported by rigid, angled stay to provide your wrists relief.
  • FULL FINGER MOVEMENT: This stabilizer allows for full finger movement and hand dexterity due to it's unique open design.
  • GREAT COMFORT AND EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY: Neoprene-Free and made with COOLMAX AIR technology, engineered for quick drying and exceptional breathability to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.
  • IDEAL FOR LEFT OR RIGHT WRIST: This support can be worn on either your left or right wrist. Universal Sizing.