AquaSense Lightweight Height Adjustable Bathroom Shower Chairs

AquaSense 770-510
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Experience both comfort and safety during your shower or bath with AquaSense® Adjustable Bath Seats wither without  Backrest. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, these bath seats offer durability and convenience.

The seat and backrest are constructed from sturdy blow-molded plastic, ensuring both comfort and support. Additionally, these seats boast a textured surface for added grip, large drainage holes to prevent pooling water, and handles on both the seat and backrest for ease of use.

Enhancing safety, these seats come equipped with slip-resistant rubber safety tips, providing stability on wet surfaces. Plus, the adjustable legs allow you to easily customize the seat height to your preference. Elevate your bathing experience with AquaSense® for a blend of comfort and security.

Features & Highlights:

  • Both lightweight and durable the rust-resistant aluminum frame supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Each leg includes a non-skid, non-slip tip offering security on wet surfaces.
  • Simply and quickly adjust the height with the help of a push pin to achieve the ideal seated position.  Seat height adjustments on this model range from 14" to 21".
  • Drainage holes help to prevent water from pooling, making the bench more comfortable, less slippery and ensuring transfer from bathing to exiting the tub is more secure.
  • Textured seat surface helps to prevent slipping.
  • Push button, snap together design requires no tools and assembles in just minutes.
  • Feel good knowing that plastics parts of this product are made using recycled materials.