Brazos Home™ Cutting Board Kit w/ Board Butter - XL

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Brazos Home XL Organic Wood Butcher Block Cutting Board for Serving, Chopping Fruit, Vegetables or Meat or as a Charcuterie Platter, Dark Walnut, Unseasoned, Natural, Board Butter Included, 20x15x1.5


  • ORGANIC WALNUT is known for its durability and deep rich color. This kitchen cutting board uses only the finest harvested cuts of Walnut which also naturally resists chemicals. The flawless finish highlights the exceptional craftsmanship and quality
  • THE TIMELESS STYLE is perfect for showcasing food. Perfect for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, housewarming parties, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This Walnut Cutting Board is both functional and makes for the perfect statement piece in any kitchen
  • The Organic Walnut is KNIFE FRIENDLY by keeping knives sharp and straight to help maintain an effortless cut. With its soft straight grains and hand sanded surface, this Brazos cutting board is perfect for all culinary levels
  • HAND MADE IN THE USA and crafted from local wood, each platter is proudly and skillfully crafted by true wood-working artisans in Brazos, TX
  • Arrives UNFINISHED and UNSEASONED to allow the user to apply the final touch with the included BOARD BUTTER to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. The butter contains all food grade ingredients that will keep the board beautiful and clean