ByAcre Carbon Overland All-Terrain Ultralight Rollator Walker

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With the Carbon Overland it’s no longer the rollator that sets the limit! It will follow you in any terrain and weather, so you can keep exploring - and maybe even take the roads less travelled?

Enjoying nature has never been easier.

Whether you enjoy…

  • Going to the beach
  • Walking in the woods
  • Going fishing or hunting

 the Carbon Overland is your perfect companion.

We have even designed it in 2 vibrant metallic colors that blends naturally into the outdoor terrain.

A companion for exploring and adventures.

  • All terrain rollator with ultra durable pneumatic tires and superb suspension
  • Rigid front forks and sealed bearings that withstands every weather and terrain
  • Carbon fiber frame – 5x stronger than steel
  • Tough yet light weight at only 6,7 kg – for easy lifting into your vehicle
  • Foldable and with a built-in seat
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to explore

Let's Talk About Those wheels! 

The wheels on the Carbon Overland is key to providing you with the best possible driving experience.

So, what’s so special about these wheels?

  • Wide and large, so they don’t get stuck in sand, mud or snow.
  • Rubber wheels with air-filled tubes to provide maximum shock absorption
  • High quality tires and tubes, making punctures a rare event
  • Tire tread that provide extra traction
  • Sealed bearings that prevent water and dirt from penetrating the interior of the wheel
Color Bentley Brown or Defender Green
Weight 6.70 kg (14 lbs)
Max user weight 150 kg (330 lbs)
Length 73 cm
Height 84 cm
Width 66 cm
Width folded 25 cm
Seat width 47 cm
Seat height 62 cm
Handle Height 85-95 cm
Grip to brake 6,2 cm
Wheels Pneumantic rubber tires with inner tubes - 25cm diameter and 5cm wide
Material Carbon fiber Frame, Strong aircraft grade aluminum and semisoft, rubber-like handles for good grip
Box W26 X H87 X L87 cm - 8,9 kg

World’s Lightest All Terrain Rollator

We know that weight matters – especially when it comes to exploring. With just 14 lbs the Carbon Overland is not only the toughest but also the lightest all-terrain rollator in the world.

Why? So it’s easier and lighter when you need to transport it and when walking uphill where you’ll use less strength.

Upright Posture & Easy To Fold

The Carbon Overland is designed to support an upright posture.

With the forward-facing handles you can pull the rollator close to your body an enjoy a straighten back and a posture that puts minimal pressure on your shoulders, neck and back.

Easy to fold & with a built-in seat

For transport or travel the Carbon Overland can easily be folded with just a small pull in the cut-out at the seat.

It also offers a convenient and comfortable seat for rests on the way that allow you to take in the scenery.

Why Weight Matters

Stairs, curbs, and everyday obstacles are easily conquered.

With a weight of only 10.5 lbs rather than the standard 17 lbs, you’ll find it’s easy to lift the rollator up and down stairs, in and out of busses, and over curbs.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that it has never been easier to lift a rollator in and out of your car.

Climbing hills and smaller gradients will be smooth and hassle-free as you won’t have to push a heavy rollator in front of you.

Watch the Carbon Ultralight Video Below

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