Carex 5 Piece Hip Kit - Hip Kit for Total Hip Replacement

Carex Health Brands P50300
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Carex 5 Piece Hip Kit - Hip Kit for Total Hip Replacement

GET BACK YOUR INDEPENDENCE Living independently is a necessity for most. Our Carex Hip Kit includes the home health care necessities for daily living including items for grabbing, bathing, and dressing independently. Our hip kit is perfect for those in need of handicap accessories or in need of a hip replacement kit EASY REACHING The Carex 26.5" folding reacher grabber is a perfect grabber tool for elderly persons or handicapped. It acts as a claw grabber with a magnetic tip to help lift metal objects. INDEPENDENT DRESSING Dressing can be a burdon when injured or with limited bending in ligaments. Our sock aid sock assistant device, shoe horn long handle, and dressing stick cover the basics for putting on and taking off shoes, socks, and other clothing.

These daily living aids help with those that struggle to stand up or sit down and have a limited range of motion in their arms and legs. BATH INDEPENDENTLY Bathing independently is a major necessity in having a quality of life. For those with limited range in their arms, this can be a struggle. Our shower scrubber features a long shower handle with a bath sponge on the end to ensure the hard to get place get clean.

Included in this hip kit:

  • 1 metal reacher grabber pickup tool
  • 1 long shoe horn
  • 1 sock aid easy on easy off
  • 1 dressing stick
  • 1 long handled bath sponge


  • 5 PIECE HIP KIT: Includes Reacher Grabber, Shoe Horn, Sock Helper, Bath Sponge, and Dressing Stick to help with every day tasks that can be hindered from lack of range in arms or injury.
  • EXPAND YOUR REACH: Our 26.5" folding metal reacher grabber pickup tool allows for easy grabbing with magnets on the end to grip onto metal objects. The claw grabber makes reaching quick and easy without struggle.
  • BATHE INDEPENDENTLY: Long handled sponge allows for cleaning in hard to reach places while the plastic handle makes keeping it clean and bacteria free easy.
  • DRESS INDEPENDENTLY: Dressing stick and shoe horn allows users to dress without bending or reaching while reducing the amount of time it takes to get dressed, something that can be greatly affected with injury or old age.
  • MANY USES: Great as post surgery recovery gifts or as elderly assistance products. Our five piece hip kit makes everyday tasks simple and easy while reducing the amount of time it takes to perform them.