Carex Stand Assist Uplift Walking Cane with Secondary Flip Down Handle

Carex Health Brands A58600
$36.95 $49.95
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Always be confident when moving around or standing. Why? Because it
was specifically engineered for those seeking a strong, sturdy walking aid. Never have to worry about gripping issues. Its traditional soft handle coupled with non-cracking and non-flaking mechanisms built into its design will give you the confidence to grip it securely without fail.

Be able to navigate across all surfaces. You can literally walk around with your eyes closed without worrying about slipping because this walking cane boasts a non-slip rubber tip like no other. PS- this rubber does not guard against walking into walls so it would be nice if you would keep your eyes open at all times.


  • This stand assist aluminum cane has a secondary flip handle that helps you stand and sit. No need to worry about whether this cane is solid enough to support your body weight. It will support up to 300 lbs without fail.
  • The secondary handle on the walking cane flips down for added support when transitioning from standing to sitting.
  • Is it hard for you to get out of your chair? This walking cane is like no other, the extra flip down handle makes it easy to get out of your chair or out of your car.
  • This walking cane for men or women is extremely safe and sturdy. Made of lightweight aluminum, this walking cane holds up to 300lbs. Cane is height adjustable from 30" to 39".
  • With assistive devices, such our walking canes, your grip is as important as everything else. Walking cane comes with an ergonomic handle that reduces hand fatigue.
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