ComfyGo TRIO Crossover Lightweight Foldable Electric Tricycle

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Experience the ease of getting on and off our robust low step-through electric trike. With advanced front hydraulic disc brakes delivering unparalleled stopping power, complemented by the rear coaster brake requiring minimal effort, safety is assured. Versatile tires handle various surfaces effortlessly.

Equipped with optional front and included rear metal baskets, the GOBIKE TRIO is perfect for work or leisure. Adjustable handlebars and a soft seat with backrest enhance comfort during rides.

Sporting a sturdy build and sleek design, it offers up to 60 miles of range with pedal assist and 45 miles without. The 750W motor (peak power) paired with all-terrain tires ensures reliable performance.

Embark on a more enjoyable journey—get your GOBIKE TRIO now!


  • Motor Power - The motor is the driving force! We’ve carefully paired the power of our lithium-ion batteries with the high-quality, brushless motors. We’ve equipped the with a 750 watt peak (500W nominal) front hub motor that delivers an amazing amount power when needed.
  • Battery - Batteries are the lifeblood of any electric bike. Therefore, all of our e-bikes are equipped with long lasting, lithium-ion batteries that enhance your riding experience. Our batteries are made for distance and reliability. Charging your battery is a breeze. You can easily charge the battery while it’s in the bike or you can charge it independently. Our batteries will fully charge within 4-8 hours making sure you get back out there on your new adventure.
  • Rear Storage - The TRIO Crossover Lightweight Foldable Electric Tricycle is equipped with a large rear storage area. The insulated container closes with a zipper. From pizzas to ice cold beverages, what will you carry in it?
  • Frame Quality - Only the best materials will do. We’ve selected a high grade aluminum alloy for our bike frames which reduces overall weight without sacrificing strength and toughness. TRIO is available in two color options: black and white.
  • LCD Display and USB Charger - The backlit LCD display plays an important role for our bikes. Here, you will find your speed, power assist (PAS) level, battery level, and odometer. This multifunctional display is weather resistant and built to last.
  • Foldable Design - We've designed our bikes to ensure you reach your destination, regardless of the challenges. The TRIO Crossover features a compact, foldable design, requiring only a small storage area. Its improved electric motor and enhanced battery efficiency provide additional comfort. Choose the GOBIKE TRIO with pedal assist, and effortlessly conquer even the steepest hills.