Core Products Swede-O Pediatric Walking Boot

Core Products UTL-1132-MED
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Swede-O® Pediatric Walking Boot helps immobilize the ankle and is ideal for ideal for severe ankle sprains, stable ankle fractures, post surgery, and post cast recovery. Studies1 show that bearing weight on a stable injury helps facilitate recovery, allowing the patient to return to normal activity at a faster rate.

Designed with a non slip rocker bottom and low profile heel to promote natural gait. Shock absorbing, closed cell foam insole and heel cushion absorb and dissipate the impact of heel strike when walking. A wide footbed provides increased stability and accommodates for edema and bandage while a deluxe foam liner provides comfort.

Swede-O Pediatric Walking Boot is durable, lightweight, and includes fitting pads to accommodate extra space around the ankle, heel, or leg. Bilateral design fits right or left foot.

Instructions of Use: Use under the supervision of a health care professional.

Step 1: Position foot and leg inside liner with heel placed firmly back against the posterior section of the liner.

Step 2: Insert fitting pads as needed to accommodate for extra space around the ankle, heel, or leg.

Step 3: Position tongue pad over top of the foot.

Step 4: Secure straps. If you have questions about the use of this product consult your health care professional.