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DMI Flannel/Rubber/Flannel Waterproof Sheet and Mattress Protectors

DMI 560-8037-0021

No matter the moisture, Duro-Med’s extra large liner sheets offer the perfect protection for your bedding or furniture. Spills or potty accidents happen in every household, but being prepared with a Duro-Med Sheet Protector leaves you with less clean up and less of a headache later on. From young to old, our water proof sheeting covers offer durable absorbance of a variety of liquids. Whether you’re an adult suffering from incontinence, a toddler or child with bedwetting issues, or a pet that wets the crate or bed when they’re scared, we’ve got you covered. Stay dry and avoid big messes with Duro-Med. Obviously ultimate protection from moisture is important, but that doesn’t mean you, your child or your pet have to use uncomfortable plastic sheeting to contain messes. Duro Med protectors have a soft cotton top side for comfortable sleeping and resting with a synthetic rubber bottom that not only helps with slipping but prevents liquids from seeping through.


  • Moisture Protection: These big liners are ideal for protecting your bedding or furniture from liquids
  • Durable Absorbent Waterproof sheeting for adult, toddler, kids or pet bedwetting or incontinence
  • Premium Materials: Duro Med protectors have soft cotton on one side & synthetic rubber on the other
  • Take this single, lightweight liner sheet when you travel for protection on the go
  • MACHINE WASHABLE:  comfortable sheeting can be thrown in the wash for easy cleaning