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DMI Leg and Foot Elevation Pillow with Adjustable Hook and Loop

DMI 555-8072-0121
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Introducing our Supportive Leg Elevation Pillow, designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support during recovery from leg or foot injuries, surgeries, or conditions like foot sores. Crafted with high-quality polyurethane foam, this pillow not only elevates your leg but also alleviates pressure on your foot and ankle, aiding in circulation improvement. The adjustable hook and loop feature guarantees stability, ensuring the pillow stays securely in place. Additionally, its soft flannel cover, conveniently machine washable, adds to the overall comfort and hygiene. Sized at 12 by 12 by 4 inches, our Foot Elevation Pillow offers customizable support for various needs, from injury rehabilitation to everyday comfort.


  • Your feet can now get the relief and support they need with this innovative foot elevation foam pillow. Just place your foot through the loop and strap the pillow around your ankle. Then kick back and relax as this pillow elevates your foot and relieves pressure on your foot and ankle.
  • Provides excellent, firm support! Its unique design promotes air circulation to help prevent pressure sores and ulcers. Made of 100 percent polyurethane foam that properly cushions your ankle for maximum comfort.
  • Easy-to-use and highly versatile! This foot elevator is equipped with an adjustable hook and loop to meet all of your personal needs and give you a custom fit. You can use it when you are relaxing in bed or sitting down in your favorite chair.
  • Comes with a soft, flannel-type cover Washable
  • Measures 12 x 12 x 4 inches