DMI Suction Cup Reacher Grabbers

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DMI Suction Cup Reacher Grabber
Whether you are trying to grab something too high or too low, the DMI Suction Cup Reacher does the job. It extends your reach 22 inches or 33 inches. You no longer have to worry about reaching that item on the top shelf or the one that fell behind the furniture! The unique slip-resistant suction cups grab firmly onto out-of-reach items and bring them close. Did something fall on the floor? No worries! Just grab this handy reacher to pick it up!

Easier on Your Back
The DMI Suction Cup Reacher eliminates excessive bending and reaching. It does the hard work by securely gripping the out-of-reach object, helping to protect your back in the process.

Easy to Use
This handy reacher has an easy-to-use trigger handle that won’t tire your hands. The aluminum frame and plastic handle ensure that it is not only lightweight but sturdy as well.


  • This handy, lightweight suction cup reacher is ideal for grabbing hard-to-reach items
  • It makes it easier on your back by eliminating excessive bending and reaching
  • Unique slip-resistant suction cup tips securely grasp items
  • The easy-to-use trigger handle gives you a secure grip with minimal effort. It won’t tire your hands.
  • Use indoors or out, home or office, car, boat or RV