DMI Upper Back Support Brace Posture Perfect - Perfect For Posture Correction

DMI 632-6223-1900

The DMI Adjustable Posture Perfect Support Brace is ideal for helping you stand up straight and gain better posture. You can wear it comfortably under your clothing as it provides greater upper back and shoulder support when you walk or stand. The one-inch elastic bands with reinforced crisscross design offer an effective solution for those with poor posture. Ideal aid for people with postural conditions, those who sit or drive for extended periods and those who are recovering from injuries or surgery. One size fits most and this posture band brace is great for both men and women.


  • Stand up straight. The DMI Posture Perfect Brace aligns your body by helping you maintain great posture as you sit or stand. The 1 inch elastic bands with reinforced crisscross design are helpful in restoring ideal body position.
  • Effective yet discreet. This brace fits comfortably under your clothing while offering great upper back and shoulder support.
  • Highly versatile. Whether you are sitting in the office, driving on your morning commute or recovering from injury or surgery, this brace is effective in giving you better posture.
  • Excellent comfort and support. The hook and eye adjustment offers you a nice custom fit.
  • Great for men and women! 1 size fits most.
  • Machine washable