Dynarex Foley Catheters - Silicone-Coated 2-Way Catheters - Box of 10

Dynarex DYN-4932
Catheter Diameter Sizes

Comfort was our foremost consideration during the design of our sterile foley catheters, ensuring that they not only efficiently drain urine but also provide a comfortable experience for your patients. These medical-grade 2-way catheters are crafted using high-quality natural rubber latex with a soft, smooth, and pliable silicone coating. They prove to be an excellent choice for hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, and various medical institutions.

Easy Application

Our flexible foley catheters strike the perfect balance between softness and suppleness while featuring a firm tip for effortless insertion. The silicone coating on the tubing significantly reduces the risk of encrustation or blockages, commonly associated with catheter use.

We provide a comprehensive selection of sizes and varying balloon volumes to cater to individualized continence management needs. To optimize your experience, we recommend using our catheters in conjunction with our DynaLube Lubricating Jelly, foley catheter holders and leg straps, as well as our sterile urinary drainage bags.

Now, you can have access to the same top-quality, medical-grade, and professional products trusted in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare settings. Dynarex Foley Catheters are meticulously crafted from high-quality natural rubber latex, complemented by a soft, smooth, and pliable silicone coating. This combination of premium materials and thoughtful design ensures exceptional performance and heightened patient comfort. The large, oval-shaped eye at the tip guarantees maximum drainage efficiency. The overall texture of the flexible Foley Catheter is both supple and soft, featuring a firm tip for simplified insertion. Moreover, the silicone coating on the tubing significantly reduces the likelihood of encrustation or blockages associated with catheter use.


  • High-quality, pliable, silicone-coated, 2-way catheters designed for superior performance and greater patient comfort
  • Available in 5cc or 30cc and in a variety of catheter diameter sizes