Essential Medical Supply Everyday Pick® Reacher in Blue

Essential Medical Supply P2233B

The Everyday Pick is the only reacher you will ever need! Features a rotating head that allows one to get into hard to reach areas pick up any object no matter the angle. Pressure sensitive device in shaft prevents crushing items such as water bottles or cups. Magnet on tip makes it easier to pick up small metal items. Flat tips make it easy to pick up something as small as a quarter. 


  • Large grip area enables users with limited hand dexterity to grab small objects.
  • Large trigger that makes reacher easy to hold.
  • Inside grip area allows user to pick up cans, bottles, etc.
  • Head swivels so that user does not have to turn their wrist to pick up objects.
  • Full retail packaged.
  • Two sizes available: 27" and 32".