Healthcraft Advantage Rail™ Portable - Vertical Pivoting Support Pole

HealthCraft AR-PT
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The Advantage Rail Floor Mounted & Removable, Pivot & Lock, Horizontal & Vertical Support Pole is a valuable addition to your home, offering both vertical and horizontal support to enhance safety. Its innovative "Pivot and Lock" technology provides centralized support that adapts to your movements, ensuring you can easily reach your desired destinations with added stability.

This versatile support system can be conveniently installed in various locations, including your bathroom, bedroom, or any other area where you require assistance. The Advantage Rail mast is securely anchored to a structural floor, providing a sturdy and reliable means of support.

For added convenience and flexibility, the Advantage Rail Portable model is equipped with a low-profile floor-mounted plate. This allows for easy attachment and release of the rail, making it simple to remove the support pole when it is not needed. This adaptability ensures that you can have the support you require when and where you need it.

Features & Highlights:

  • The Advantage Rail Portable is a portable safety rail secured to a floor mounted plate that features HealthCraft's "Pivot & Lock" Technology to keep support in front of you
  • Simply lift the horizontal bar to unlock, pivot to next position, and then lower it to lock firmly in place (every 45 degrees)
  • Rail is height adjustable to accommodate your needs; floor mounting screws are concealed with cover plate; add more floor plates around your home with the Advantage Rail Floor Plate (AR-FP)
  • Anti-microbial white powder coat finish; latex-free, non-slip, PVC closed foam grip material
  • Standard Advantage Rail supports up to 300 lbs
  • Bariatric  Advantage Rail supports up to 450 lbs
  • Rail Height Adjustable: 30-38" from floor
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty