HealthSmart Heelbo - Knee Copper Compression Sleeve

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The bestselling Heelbo Active Copper Knee Compression Sleeves offer mild compression to assist and support the knee during activity and injury recovery. They offer copper infused technology while the silicone band prevents slipping. The breathable fabric helps wick away moisture and reduces odor for all day movement and comfort.


  • The knee support sleeve is infused with copper threads that aid in reducing inflammation, sustaining connective tissues and aiding in blood and oxygen flow 
  • Stays in place with a nonslip silicone band while providing mobility of the joint 
  • Breathable odor reducing fabric helps wick away moisture for all day comfort 
  • Mild compression delivers a controlled amount of pressure reducing pain and discomfort. The knee compression sleeve helps relieve discomfort from ailments such as arthritis, sprains, tendonitis and more. 
  • Sizing: Measure circumference of the thigh, about 4-5 inches above knee. Medium 15"-16"; large 16.5"-18.5"; XL 19"-20.5