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HealthSmart Pill Crusher Pill Container Pulverizer and Storage

HealthSmart 640-6439-0000
$9.75 $12.95
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Make Your Medication Easier to Swallow

This attractive red and translucent pill crusher and container will make it easier to swallow your medication. It easily crushes hard tablets into fine powder, plus gives you a convenient place to store your pills at the bottom. To crush pills, simply unscrew the cap and places the pill(s) into the container. Replace the cap and turn clockwise until pills are completely crushed. Remove the cap to empty the powder from the container. To store pills, unscrew the bottom cover and fill the two sections with individual pills.


  • Crush tablets into a fine powder by twisting the top of this attractive red and clear pill crusher
  • It’s a fast and safe way to make your pills easier to swallow
  • Conveniently store pills in the pill compartment at the bottom which is divided into two sections
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Grips for easy crushing