Heelbo Unisex Diabetic Compression Crew Length Socks - Black or White

Heelbo 630-6562-0000
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These best-selling crew length socks provide full-cushioned comfort with non-constricting, gentle, graduated compression to keep socks in place without bunching or sliding. They are soft to comfort and Protect sensitive feet with an extra padded foot. They wick away moisture to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable. These come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. For proper wearing, smooth them out so they lie flat against the skin. Avoid bunching. Make sure they aren't too long. Don't fold or roll the tops down which would make them too tight and could restrict blood flow and cut off circulation.


  • DIABETIC SOCKS are recommended for circulatory problems, diabetes, edema and neuropathy. They feature graduated compression where the compression is strongest at the ankle and gets lighter up the leg 
  • SPECIALIZED FABRIC FOR SENSITIVE FEET WICKS AWAY MOISTURE using an acrylic multi-fiber blend to offer protection while the wicking ability of acrylic fibers helps keep feet comfortable and dry to help prevent odor 
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN stops scratches, sores and ulcers from forming. The non-binding top stays in place without restricting blood flow while the seamless toe closure reduces pressure and irritation to the toes 
  • EXTRA PADDED SOLES AND CUSHIONED FOOT help prevent foot injuries in the toe, foot and heel. Knit in, reinforced heel pocket provides added durability and easy stocking orientation on the foot and leg for a proper fit
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Includes 1 pair of socks, crew fit, machine washable