Invacare Comfort Sling Spacer Series For Patient Lifts

Invacare 2485554
$269.45 $349.95
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The Invacare Comfort Sling is for amputees and users with chronic postural pain with delicate needs that may require a constant seated position. For transfers from a horizontal to a seated position. Use with the Invacare Reliant 450/600, Jasmine and 9805P Lifts.


  • Clear labeling and four easy attachment points simplify attaching the sling confidently 
  • Easily adjusted to ensure comfortable and secure fit 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Three-dimensional, cushioned multi-stretch fabric adapts to the user’s body shape for a higher level of comfort and is well suited for those with skin integrity issues.
  • Small-Large Weight Capacity - 500 lbs
  • XL Weight Capacity: 550 lbs