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Journey So Lite® Scooter 10Ah Lithium Battery

Journey So-Lite-Batt
$299.00 $349.00
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This is the same 24 V 10Ah (amp hour) lithium battery that comes with every So Lite Scooter. High quality Samsung lithium-ion cells are enclosed in a handsome black anodized aluminum housing with plastic end closures. The terminals are concealed behind slots in the end closure to mitigate the risk of a short. This battery provides an impressive range of up to eight miles.

Great for airline travel! When arriving at the end of the jetway, simply remove the So Lite Scooter battery from the scooter, fold your scooter and hand it to a flight attendant to stow under the plane. Take the battery onto the plane with you to your seat, notifying flight attendants of the location of the battery in the aircraft. Be sure to contact your specific airline to ask for their procedures for transporting a battery-powered vehicle and a battery.