Journey SoftSecure Uplift Toilet Assist - Bedside Commode with Lift Assist

Journey 33320
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The SoftSecure Uplift Commode is a carefully designed solution to enhance safety and comfort in your bathroom. It offers versatile functionality and can serve as a freestanding bedside commode, be positioned over a toilet, or utilized as a shower chair.

One of its standout features is the spring-controlled seat, which provides a comfortable and controlled descent to a seated position and gently elevates you to a secure standing position (nose over toes). This innovative design promotes independence and preserves dignity for individuals facing mobility or balance challenges.

Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with limited mobility, or simply seeking extra assistance in the bathroom, the SoftSecure Uplift Commode is the ideal solution, ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience for users in various situations.

Features & Highlights:

  • Multifunction seat assist: Helps you sit and rise from your toilet
  • Self-powered design: Provides a safer experience, allowing you to rely on yourself and no one else
  • Stand-assist function: Allows a natural range of motion . . . when you place your hands on the adjustable armrests, lean forward and push down, your seat will then rise and tilt forward, gently pushing you into a standing position
  • Multi-purpose use: Means it will work great as a freestanding commode (commode pail included), over a toilet or as a shower chair
  • Medical-grade padding: Closed cell foam in blue for maximum comfort and easy cleaning
  • Height-adjustable:  With just a touch of a button… no tools needed
  • Rustproof frame: Lightweight yet sturdy rustproof aluminum frame
  • As seen in: Hospitals, rehab centers and Continuing Care Facilities


  • Length: 29.5" to 31" 
  • Width: 22.8" to 24.2" 
  • Height: 33.5" to 37.6"
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs