Merits Health Ultra-3 Actuator Power Chair with Elevating and Reclining Seat

Merits Health Ultra-Power-18
$13,589.00 $23,745.00
You save 42% ($10,156.00)

The Ultra X was created to address the specific needs of patients whose body weight falls within the 5% range of the 300-pound weight capacity of a Group 2 chair, typically around 285 pounds and above. This innovative solution allows providers to offer a high-performance Group 2 HD chair that retains the standard features of a Group 2 chair, such as a narrow overall width, 14-inch drive tires, tight turning radius, and a generally lower chair weight. The key distinction lies in the Ultra X's ability to fill the "weight gap" by providing a weight capacity that aligns with the needs of patients in that category.


  • Power tilt 0°to 50°
  • Power seat lift with 12” telescoping tower
  • Articulating foot platform with simultaneous extension and articulation
  • Tension adjustable front and rear suspension for comfort and easy obstacle clearance
  • Multiple seat-to-floor height options 16.5”-19.5”
  • Adjustable seat width and depth 16” - 22”

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