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Mesa Safe Company All Steel Burglary and Fire Safe with Combination Lock

Mesa Safes MBF3820C
$2,145.00 $2,849.00
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MESA's MBF Series Burglary and Fire Safes offer a distinctive design that integrates the security features of a burglary safe with the peace of mind provided by a fire safe. Engineered to safeguard your valuable possessions from both theft and fire emergencies, the MBF Series safes deliver comprehensive protection.

The burglary features of these safes encompass an all-steel construction, a battery-operated electronic lock, robust one-inch diameter live locking bolts, and heavy-duty hinges. The solid steel construction ensures enduring durability and strength, capable of withstanding vigorous physical attacks by burglars. The battery-operated electronic lock is safeguarded by a drill-resistant hard-plate and a keypad lockout feature that activates after multiple incorrect combinations, thwarting unauthorized access attempts. The substantial diameter live-locking bolts engage with the steel body of the safe, while sturdy hinges deter any attempts to pry the safe open.


  • All Steel Construction -  MESA's MBF Series Burglary & Fire Safes are 100% all steel constructed safes. Unlike our competition, we do not use any plastic body parts.
  • Power Outlet & USB Feature - MESA's MBF3820 Burglary & Fire Safe now features an internal power strip. Security & power combine to give you the ultimate personal security hub!
  • Fire & Burglary Protection - These safes are built to withstand temperatures up to 1830° Farenheit for durations up to 2 hours. Drill & Punch resistant; helps prevent burglary attacks.
  • Storage Uses - Great for storing valuables and important documents like your passport, birth certificates, deeds, insurance information, wills and more.
  • Drop Tested - This safe is built to survive a 2 story fall. Factory tested
  • 2 hour fire rated safe
  • Pre-drilled anchor hole provided
  • Two interior shelves that can be adjusted or removed
  • Combination lock
  • Exterior: 40" x 22" x 22"
  • Interior: 36 12" x 19" x 16"
  • Interior Cu.Ft.: 6.4
  • Weight: 300 lbs

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    In terms of fire resistance, these safes boast a two-hour fire rating tested at temperatures up to 1830 degrees Fahrenheit. This guarantees that the contents of the safe remain at room temperature, remaining intact even in the face of extremely high heat. Specifically designed for individuals residing in areas prone to wildfires or hot climates, these fireproof safes provide added reassurance.

    By combining these features, MESA's MBF Series safes allow you to protect, secure, and store a wide range of valuables, including important documents, passports, cash, birth certificates, jewelry, deeds, receipts, and other irreplaceable records. Ensure the safety of your crucial paperwork in the face of unexpected events, sparing yourself the hassle of loss or damage.