Mor-Medical Maximus Strength Trainer - Versatile Rehab Resistance Trainer

Mor-Medical MSTP-RT
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Maximus Strength Trainer provides 216 interchanging strength-training angles with multiple resistance options all in a single setting and right at your fingertips. Maximus Strength Trainer simultaneously conditions and rehabilitates the entire lower leg including the ankle and foot. Maximus is simple to use, portable, works in a clinic setting, at home or on the road.

Great for strength training of the lower leg muscles. Excellent fit in gyms, schools or sport facilities.

The Problem

The lower leg section, which lies between the knee and the ankle, is very complicated and made of many leg muscles. Any type of injury that occurs in the lower leg areas can vary from minor to extreme. Targeting all lower leg muscles is not easy, but is necessary to strengthen the ankle and help prevent various types of injuries. Currently, there are no products out there to target these muscles as a unit.

The Solution

Equipment in the market is very simple, antiquated and fail to target all lower leg muscles simultaneous. The Maximus Strength Trainer is a major improvement on what currently exists by targeting the lower leg muscles through different levels of resistance and movement at once. As a patent product and with an animation video illustrating the muscles targeted while in use, product is like no other and ahead of any competition in the market.

How to Use

  • Remove fully assembled frame from box and plastic bag
  • Set frame on a clean even floor surface so suction cups can secure frame
  • Make sure all resistance bands are inserted into one of the 18 slots on frame and on shoe slots Note: Female Shoe has 10 resistance bands—Male Shoe has 12 resistance bands
  • Once frame and shoe are secured, sit in a comfortable position directly in front of frame with legs at a 90-degree angle
  • Insert your foot into shoe platform and secure it with the Velcro strap on shoe. Make sure foot is snug in shoe platform.
  • Once foot is secured, begin with the therapy / training exercises provided by your therapist / trainer
  • Following Exercises can be done on Maximus Strength Trainer
  1. Dorsiflexion
  2. Tibialis Anterior
  3. Inversion
  4. Eversion
  5. Planter Flexion