Nova Medical Knee Elevation Pillow with Cover - 22" Width

Nova Medical Products 2687-R
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We love the Knee Elevator Wedge because your knees resting on the perfect bend make the rest of your body feel so much better. Of course the Knee Elevator Wedge is ideal in recovery, but also great for everyday use to rest and relax in good alignment and horizontal posture.


  • Material - Polyester & cotton
  • GREAT REST & RECOVERY PILLOW that helps maintain pelvic position to reduce the pressure on your back, hips and legs. Fits comfortably under the back of the knees and designed to create a 30 degree bend in the knees. Ideal for Elevating your knees and resting post-surgery and during recovery. Knee Elevation also promotes overall circulation and relaxation.
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM provides a firm support that maintains shape and is long lasting.
  • REMOVEABLE & WASHABLE zippered cover is of a polyester/cotton material and machine washable.
  • Dimensions for 22” Width: 22”W x 8.75”D x 7”H. Color: Navy Blue