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Nova Medical Waterproof Reusable Underpads with Positioning Straps

Nova Medical Products UP-3236H
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The Nova Medical Waterproof Reusable Underpads with Positioning Straps for Chairs, Furniture or Bed with Velour Soft Top Layer keep you and your life clean, comfortable and convenient and perfect for beds, chairs, and cars. They come in different sizes, styles and textures to fit just about any part of your home and lifestyle.


  • Ensure the dryness of your bed and surfaces while protecting your skin with the finest underpads. NOVA's premium fabric innovation is exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin, maintaining a dry, clean, and protected bed or overlay surface. Suitable for the entire family, including kids, adults, and pets.
  • Experience the softest touch on your skin with the 100% cotton top layer, enhancing comfort during rest and sleep.
  • Benefit from high absorbency and waterproof features. Beneath the 100% cotton top layer lies a middle soaker layer with a polyester/rayon blend for superior absorbency, while the bottom layer is a robust vinyl waterproof barrier, ensuring no leaks.
  • Enjoy long-lasting use with the underpad overlay, as it is machine washable up to 300 times. The high-quality and durable construction ensures extended durability through numerous washes.
  • Easily maintain hygiene by machine washing and drying in normal settings.