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OPTP Paperback Book - Grow Younger Daily by Eric Franklin

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Movement educator and mind-body expert Eric Franklin reveals how the use of imagery has the power to keep us young, healthy and energized.

Athletes, dancers and fitness experts have long used sophisticated mental imagery to enhance performance and now so can you. Grow Younger Daily: The Power of Imagery for Healthy Cells and Timeless Beauty by Eric Franklin, is an insider’s guide to the use of imagery.

Using scientific research this book demonstrates the connection between imagery and physical and mental health to change the body from the inside out. You’ll learn:

  • How Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery™ (DNI) can influence the body to move efficiently and stay energized
  • How imagery can influence and rejuvenate everything from the individual cells to the immune system and organs
  • How to harness the plasticity and power of the mind
  • How to create lasting positive changes

This updated version of Grow Younger Daily features new imagery and additional exercises for strengthening and lengthening muscles and keeping your body feeling and looking young.

Written by movement educator and mind-body expert Eric Franklin.

Softcover. 168 pages. Illustrated. Second edition