OPTP Pelvic Rocker Core Trainer

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Activate deep core muscles, like the pelvic floor, to help improve core strength and stability.  Movement and balance exercises can be performed in the seated or supine position.

Unlock movement and develop dynamic stability in the inner core with the OPTP® Pelvic Core Trainer. Promotes ease of movement of the pelvis in all planes, helping you activate deep core muscles for strengthening and integration into functional movement. Exercises challenge core stability, encourage exploration of pelvic mobility and enhance body awareness.


  • Challenges dynamic stability
  • Encourages exploration of pelvic movement and body awareness
  • Helps target inner core muscles, like the pelvic floor and transverse abdominis
  • Promotes coordination of inner and outer core muscles for functional movement
  • Ideal for physical therapy, core conditioning, mind-body exercise and more
  • Provides an excellent platform for pelvic tilts, pelvic clock, V-sit, and many other exercises
  • Use in seated or supine positions
  • Slip-resistant base allows use on most surfaces
  • Manual with exercises included