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Positive Posture Brio Sport 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Positive Posture BRIOSPORT-PU-BLK
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4D Zero Gravity

Discover the transformative power of Positive Posture's Brio Sport 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair - a groundbreaking innovation designed exclusively for "recovery." This exceptional massage chair brings the benefits of a sports massage clinic right into the comfort of your own home.

The Significance Of Recovery

Recognizing the significance of recovery in the realm of fitness and well-being, the Brio Sport massage chair was developed in collaboration with fitness experts and physical therapists. It serves as a vital component of a comprehensive health, wellness and stress management routine.

Address Pre and Post Exercise Requirements

Evident in its massage program selection and easy-to-maintain coverings, the Brio Sport massage chair has been meticulously engineered to address pre- and post-exercise requirements. Embrace a range of specific advantages, including the reduction of inflammation, swelling, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), chronic stress, perceived fatigue and muscle tension through myofascial release.

Accelerates and Enhances Muscle Recovery

Furthermore, this advanced massage chair accelerates and enhances muscle recovery, promotes lymphatic fluid drainage, bolsters blood circulation, improves flexibility and enhances joint mobility.

The Brio Sport Features


The Positive Posture Brio Sport's Sport 4D intelligent massage mechanism is designed to mobilize your spine, relax your mind and help you recover from your workout. Sport 4D kneads, taps, rolls (fast or slow) and presses, and is expertly choreographed to do much, much more. Its deep tissue massaging capability helps improve blood flow, work tired muscles and promote lymphatic flow. The unique quality and capability of the Sport 4D mechanism will help you be your best every day!

L-Track Design

This chair features an L-Track massage path designed to guide the Sport4D mechanism to all the right spots from the occiput (back of your head) down to your glutes and hamstrings. The Brio Sport's L-track offers a total of 47 inches of back coverage.


Before each massage begins, the chair scans your back and automatically customizes each massage to you. By measuring your torso and tailoring massage movements to your body, the Brio Sport delivers maximum customized comfort, relief and recovery to users of varying heights.


Air massage provides relief to your calves, thighs, IT bands, arms, hands and shoulders. Your body and mind will benefit from the healing sensations of this carefully planned, air-only massage. It's perfect when looking for minimum intensity with no tapping or kneading movements.


Carefully programmed and shaped to avoid overstimulating the soles, the foot rollers rub, roll and squeeze your tired or sore feet to encourage blood flow, work muscles and mobilize your entire foot.


Your calf is expertly massaged by rear and side mechanical and air massage units. The sensations accompanying the Brio Sport's calf massage soothe your whole body and help your calves feel revitalized and ready for whatever challenges your next day brings.


"Hot rocks" style pinpoint heat is delivered through the Sport 4D Intelligent Massage Mechanism's massage heads. The application of heat at the exact point being treated means that the Brio Sport feels more like human hands and helps encourage blood flow to the muscles being worked


Help your body and muscles warm up, so they are ready for exertion. In addition to Heated Rollers, the Brio Sport offers soothing heat under the seat and to the calves.


Improve blood circulation, breathe more easily and deeply and alleviate pressure on the joints and spine in the True Zero Gravity position.


The seatback can recline to 160 degrees, while the footrest can be adjusted up to 80 degrees.


Fitness is not only about physical excellence but also about achieving a clear state of mind. The Brio Sport's chromotherapy sessions - soothing colors emitted from the remote - help you achieve the psychological state of mind necessary to achieve your greatest goals.


Designed to fit almost anywhere, the unique wall-hugging technology requires only 4" (10 cm) between the backrest and the wall.


Easy to read and easy to use, the Brio Sport's tactile remote combines style and functional simplicity.


Charge your device while you recharge your mind, body and soul.

Positive Posture Brio Sport 4D Zero Gravity® Massage Chair for Muscle Recovery

Exercise gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles - but what about afterward? Recovery not only finishes your workout but boosts its benefits. In developing the Brio Sport massage chair, Positive Posture added features designed to enhance the results of your efforts - both immediate and long-term. In short, the Brio isn't just a recliner but provides the all-around muscle-supporting, stress-reducing benefits of a sports massage clinic - all from your living room.

Features let you customize the depth of your massage-from light and relaxing to trigger-point targeting-and better help circulate lymphatic fluid. Zero-gravity positioning plus full-body compression further help control swelling and enhance circulation. Rollers also work specific muscle groups, from your neck and shoulders to your glutes and lower back.

Through massage program selection and easy-to-maintain coverings, multiple modes also consider what your body needs at each stage of your workout - be it a warmup to a post-session cool down. This spectrum offers a range of specific advantages, including the reduction of inflammation, swelling, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), chronic stress, perceived fatigue, muscle tension through myofascial release, improved flexibility and preservation of joint mobility.

Positive Posture designed the Brio Sport massage chair in collaboration with fitness experts and physical therapists. This power recliner, in turn, serves as a cornerstone of a comprehensive health, wellness and stress management routine. Beyond relaxation, elevate your performance, enhance your well-being, alleviate stress and allocate more time to your passions with the Positive Posture Brio Sport.

From the therapeutic encounter facilitated by the Positive Posture Brio Sport to flexible financing options, comprehensive warranties and proficient technician network, there's no reason to delay a purchase that has proven life-altering for countless athletes and active individuals. Embrace the transformative potential today.