Premium Formulations - Shower Solutions No Rinse Extra Thick Bathing Wipes

Premium Formulations P03190
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Don't have a shower? No problem. The shower solutions is a no rinse required bathing wipe that is extra large and extra thick premium formulations created the shower solution to help people who have difficulty bathing due to injury or illness or any outdoor activities. The shower solutions added 2 extra large wipes per pack compared to leading national brands. There is no sticky residue. Just unfold the wet cloth, smooth and wipe the towelette over anywhere that needs freshened. The shower solutions also warms easily in a microwave or warmer for increased comfort. No water or rinsing needed. Safe, simple, no need for advanced preparation. Ideal for institutional care such as nursing care, day care, and anywhere where assisted or non assisted rinse free bathing is required.


  • 10 wipes per pack, 24 packs per case
  • EXTRA LARGE body wash wipes ( Larger wipes Than National Brands ) to manage any size chore anytime
  • Shower Solutions body cleaning wipes Warms easily in a microwave or warmer for increased comfort
  • Premium Formulation aloe body wipes enriched with Aloe Vera Moisturizer to maintain your personal health and hygiene and get a fresh feeling and clean smell
  • rinse-free bathing wipes no water or rinsing needed
  • Shower Soft, Shower Wipes and Best Shower wipes
  • Thick cloth-like Wipes.
  • 10 count pack shower wipes.
  • Great alternatives when soap and water are not available,
  • Non-abrasive shower wipe won’t scratch or dry out skin.