RAD Rounds Muscle Massaging Balls


These small massagers allow you to target tight, hard-to-reach spaces and are perfect for loosening tension in the neck, feet and hands.

The large ball (green) has a firm density, while the medium ball (blue) is extra firm and the small ball (black) has a stiff density, allowing for versatility during precise trigger point work.

All three RAD Rounds are made of top-grade silicone that can be heated or cooled. For a warm, relaxing experience, soak in hot water for five to ten minutes. For a cold, refreshing sensation, soak in ice water, freeze or refrigerate.


  • Dimensions: Large round 2.2" diameter, medium round 1.6" diameter, small round 0.96" diameter
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Green (large), blue (medium), black (small)
  • Multi-use massage, mobility and recovery balls (set of 3) with a lifetime guarantee
  • Relieves muscle tension, increases mobility and aids in recovery through self myofascial release
  • 3 different densities and sizes / made of high quality silicone that grips the skin and wipes clean
  • 55 + USES / Designed for feet, jaw and hands. Can also use on shoulders, pecs, triceps, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, peroneals and more
  • IDEAL FOR / pre and post-workout, yoga, travel, body maintenance, muscle tightness, muscle pain (jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, hands, feet), personal training, increasing performance, athletes (soccer, tennis, volleyball, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, basketball, football, baseball, weight lifting, body building, etc.), flexibility, crossfit training, health and wellness, etc.

Use with the RAD Block for additional leverage and stability.