SafeRacks Modular Garage Shelving Racks with Wooden Decks - 2 Colors - 3 Sizes

Saferacks LDGS-361872-5TW
$154.89 $239.00
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SafeRacks proudly introduces our newest line of garage organization products. These modular shelving racks come in three different sizes, perfect for any garage, workspace, kitchen, and more. Assembly is quick and easy. 5/16 inch MDF board decks allow you to store and move boxed hassle-free and hold up to 300 pounds per shelf. The powder coat finish provides an aesthetic appeal and protects against rust and corrosion. Additionally, the vertical posts come in two pieces, allowing you to choose between an upright or workbench orientation. Finally, get the car back in or utilize some newfound space!


  • MODULAR: Assemble shelving unit as single 72” tall 5-tier shelf or two 36” tall shelving units! Shelves are adjustable in 1.5” increments
  • CONSTRUCTION: Each side rail is constructed out of industrial steel and utilize a strong C-Channel Design! Most competitors use L-Channel for the shorter side rail components.
  • COMPONENTS: 5/16” thick MDF board decks allow moving boxes and storing small items to become hassle-free when compared to steel wire deck alternatives! Each shelf level contains 1 center support for added rigidity and support.
  • CAPACITY: 300 lbs. per level when unit is evenly distributed. Perfect for residential use and garage storage.
  • LONGEVITY: Powder coated finish provides an aesthetic finish and protects against rust and corrosion.