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Smart Caregiver DepartAlert All-In-One Anti-Wandering Door Bar System

Smart Caregiver TL-4005SYS
$495.95 $569.95
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This Smart Caregiver “All in One” Anti-Wandering Door Bar System functions with just a door alert and a resident wristband. Simply mount the door bar by any exit or doorway in your care facility, plug it in, and place wristband on resident. When a resident wearing a wristband gets within 8 to 14 feet of the door bar or attempts to go through the doorway, the door bar will alert audibly and visually.

The DepartAlert system is designed to help caregivers monitor when a resident wearing the wristband transmitter is attempting to exit the doorway. The Door Bar will sound audibly and visually when your loved one opens the door. If the residents gets within 5 feet of a closed door then door bar will blink. This system, when used properly, can help prevent a wandering event from occurring. A caregiver will be notified by either the audible sound from the door bar or up to 300 ft away from the door bar, via the Caregiver Pager.


  • Professional grade DepartAlert® – Alert caregiver which door a wander risk patient is near so they can go assist them.
  • This door alert can be programmed to the TL-4015 large facility central monitor.
  • 9 doors can be programmed.

Simple Installation

  1. Mount door bar & activate transmitter
  2. Test
  3. Put wristband on resident

The TL-4016P Page with LCD Screen:

  • Monitor sends quiet wireless signal to pager for noise-free caregiver notification.
  • Works with existing nurse call system.
  • Programmable with room numbers and functions with larger facility central monitor TL-4015




Single Door Bar Monitor System (1 year warranty)


Single Door Bar Monitor System (1 year warranty)


Resident Wristband Transmitter (6 month warranty)


Wall Mount Reset Button (1 year warranty)