Smart Caregiver Exit Alarm with Chair Pressure Sensing Pad - 10" x 15"

Smart Caregiver RP-BC1-SYS
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Chair alarm sensor pads are the best method of getting an early alert that your patient is trying to get out of a chair. Place the pad under the patient and when the patient starts to get up, taking their weight off the pad, the monitor will start to alarm. By having an alarm in the room with the patient, you will not only hear the alert from an adjacent room, but the patient may slow down and wait for you once they hear the alarm sound, giving you valuable time to come to their aid. System has a one year manufacturer warranty.

  • Chair alarm and pad offer an efficient method to be alerted when your patient exits their chair.
  • 10in x 15in pad is made of a soft, latex-free vinyl, with foam interior, and is sealed for incontinence protection.
  • System includes Monitor and 10in x 15in Chair Sensor Pad inside of a retail box
  • Requires one 9v battery (included)