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SMPL One-Touch Music & Radio Center - Includes 75 Nostalgic Hits

SMPL Technology Electronics 57025
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The Gift of Radio & Music Made smpl. Our smpl one-touch Radio & Music player allows seniors, even with very significant cognitive decline from dementia or Alzheimer’s, to listen to music they loved in their youth. Healthcare Professionals acknowledge familiar music therapy as a way of improving seniors’ awareness, knowledge, and clarity of expression. This also helps promote independent living, allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer. End result: by engaging their minds, our smpl Music Player makes a significant contribution to seniors’ quality of life.

Product testing has shown our plug-in smpl Music Player is also simple to use. Pressing the large 1-inch button to start/stop the music is all they have to do. Pre-loaded with 75 American Classics form last century, the MP3 format can handle up to 1,000 different of their favorite songs or audio books. Red is the preferred color for those with visual impairment. Problems…Solved


  • THE GIFT OF MUSIC MADE smpl - 8GB USB stick with 75 nostalgic hits included. Easily add all of your own music or audio books. Or listen to one of 10 programmable radio stations.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE - One-Touch large power button, large switch for Radio and recorded Music.
  • ENGAGES THE MIND - Healthcare professionals have shown that music can improve awareness, clarity of expression and memory focus. That in turn lifts user self esteem and reduces caregiver stress
  • AM/FM RADIO + MP3 QUALITY SOUND - Strong wooden enclosure with a familiar, retro look and a portable battery power option.
  • LIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Speak to a live person at our support center if you’re having difficulties.