Solax Battery Docking Station with XLR Power Cable/Cord

Solax M-XC01-13+M-DS01-13
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The Transformer and Mobie Plus Battery Charging Docking Station with XLR power adapter lets you charge your battery completely separate from your scooter. Bring it in your house to charge while leaving your scooter in your vehicle or garage. Prolongs battery life by avoiding deep freeze or high heat that can negatively affect all batteries.

Insert a spare battery into the docking station and keep a spare charger DC24V / 2A off-board. This is an automatic protection charger with Power Cord so you never run short of power.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery: 24V/10Ah Lithium battery
  • Battery Charger: DC24V/2A Off-Board Automatic Protection Charger
  • Battery Charge Time: 5 to 6 hours
  • Battery Warranty: 6 Months


  1. Connect the power cable to the power supply.
  2. Then connect the XLR cable to the docking station. Once this is done, plug the power cable of the docking station into a wall outlet.
  3. Insert the battery with the metal contact points facing down into the docking station cradle, so that the metal contact points on the battery and docking station make contact.
  4. The battery indicator light will be “RED” if the battery is not fully charged, and “GREEN” if the battery is fully charged, or if the docking station and battery are not making contact.


Safety Warnings:

  • Make sure no materials come between docking station contact points.
  • Keep this unit away from infants and children while charging.
  • Make sure the docking station is placed on a flat surface to prevent disconnect of the metal contact points while charging.

Important Notes:

  • Red Light indicates the battery is still charging.
  • Green Light indicates the battery is fully charged.