Sound World Solutions CS50 Wireless Bluetooth Sound Amplifiers

Sound World Solutions CS50+ - L
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Sound World Solutions continues their innovative line of Bluetooth Series amplifiers with the all new CS50 model. The CS5O is a wireless personal sound amplifier and hands-free mobile headset that will help you hear the voices and sounds around you easier and with added clarity.


  • HIGHLY RATED BY PMC, CR and WIRECUTTER - The first ever fully customizable PSAP on the market to adjust sound and provide improved ear hearing similar to what you would expect in a $2,000 hearing aid using a free SmartPhone app
  • JUST FIT FOR YOU - The Sound World Solutions CS50+ is a digital hearing amplifier with 3 built-in amplification presets. It offers a Customizer App that allows you to personalize your amplification profile
  • PAIRS WITH ANDROID or IPHONE - Wirelessly connect the personal sound amplifier CS50+ to your smartphone.
  • REDUCES BACKGROUND NOISE AND FEEDBACK - With this behind the ear sound amplifier, you can decrease the high/mid frequencies using the Customizer App to lessen the feedback. To cancel out unwanted ambient sounds, select the "Restaurant Mode"
  • STREAMS ANY BLUETOOTH-ENABLED AUDIO - The CS50+ bluetooth hearing amplifier allows you to wirelessly stream multimedia audio from a smartphone, PC or AV equipment. You can even answer phone calls by pressing the ear piece's volume button. EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE! Up to 12 hours of continuous use per charge. 90 DAY WARRANTY!

    IDEAL USAGE: CS50 is recommended to help you hear better in these difficult to hear environments.

    • One-on-one and other small group conversations
    • Public settings including restaurants and churches
    • In your car and while on the go
    • Work and Business Meetings
    • Watching TV and Movies
    • Listening to music, and audio books


      • Digital Audio Processing
        • 16 channel compressor
        • Feedback cancellation
        • 16 channel noise reduction
        • Dual microphone directionality (when in Restaurant environment mode and when on phone calls via Bluetooth)
      • Customizable
        • 3 built-in amplification presets
        • Volume control
        • Further customization can be done with the free Customizer app
      • Free Customizer App
        • Android version 5.0 and newer
        • iOS 9 and newer
          • iPhone 4S and newer
          • iPad 4th generation and newer
          • iPad Mini 2 and newer
          • iPad Air 2 and newer
          • iPad Pro and newer
      • Adjustable tube length: 1.0″ of travel
      • Bluetooth compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0, HFP1.6, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.5
      • Voice Prompts: Environment Mode Name (Everyday, Restaurant, Entertainment), Volume Up, Volume Down, Connected, Connection Lost, Power Off
      • Voice Prompt Languages: English, Spanish, French, Hindi
      • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium-ion
      • Battery life: up to 12 hours per charge
      • Box Contents
        • CS50+
        • 2 rechargeable batteries
        • Charger kit: AC adapter, magnetic charger base, and micro USB cable
        • 3 different sized ear tips: small (attached to CS50+), medium, and large
        • Ear tip cleaning tool
        • Zippered carrying case
        • User Guide