SUNHEAT Commercial/Restaurant Wall Mount Electric Patio Heater

SUNHEAT International 901630240
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SUNHEAT heaters use a patented quartz lamp surrounded by an emitter. The gold coated emitter is designed to deliver a hotter, more instant heat. Unlike other outdoor heaters, SUNHEAT wall mounted heaters give a very low glare, but you will feel warm and comfortable immediately.  Suitable for wall mounting (Wall Mounting Bracket Included) Warranty: 1 year. Body manufactured from powder coated aluminum. Ideal for outdoor use. Unique and patented lamp design.  Highly efficient due to a very effective reflector and a glass-free front face. Supplied with wall bracket. Gold Lamp, IP55 Rated, CE approved. 10 ft Cable length.


  • Suitable for wall, ceiling and parasol mounting
  • Minimum 7,000 hour lamp life
  • Low Glare Gold lamp
  • Hotter more instant heat
  • Silent
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Aluminum


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