Theralite Halo Bright Light Mood Enhancing Therapy Lamp with Phone Charger

Carex Health Brands FGE80600
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One of our most stylish sun lamps, the TheraLite Halo offers a safe and effective way to boost your energy, regulate sleep, and improve your wellness. Darker winter months pose a problem: not enough sunlight. SAD light therapy is a safe, effective, and proven way to solve this issue. Light box therapy mimics sunlight to give your body the needed effects the sun provides. Our SAD lamp provides the doctor recommended 10,000 LUX from overhead and at a comfortable sitting distance. The natural light lamp comes feature packed with a wireless charging station, and a USB charging port. And with a compact size, the seasonal depression lamp won't take up a large chunk of table space.


  • Helps boost energy, improve sleep, and maintain wellness. By just using our Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp for 30 minutes after waking, you'll begin to feel more energized, start sleeping better, and feel an uptick in your mental health. Seasonal Affect Disorder lights help you regain lost sunlight so your body can regain the benefits of sunlight.
  • Provides the doctor recommended 10,000 LUX. For SAD light therapy lamps to be effective, they must provide 10,000 LUX from a comfortable sitting distance. The TherLite Halo seasonal depression light provides the recommended LUX from a 12" sitting distance. Its tall build allows it to provide light from a recommended downward direction.
  • Doubles as an electronics charger. The 10000 LUX light box features a wireless charging station, and USB port on the back. For light therapy to be effective, sit in front of the sun lamp for 30 minutes after waking each morning.
  • Doubles as a desk lamp. Use the light therapy lamp for 30 minutes in the morning and then as a desk lamp for the rest of the day. The natural sunlight lamp is dimmable, making it perfect for all-day use.