Treat Your Own Back™ book and The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™ Gift Set


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The ultimate gift for back pain sufferers, this combo includes the tool and techniques that have freed hundreds of thousands from low back pain and sciatica.

Bestseller Treat Your Own Back offers do-it-yourself treatment through postural change, ergonomics and simple exercises. It offers a clear explanation of what causes chronic back pain and how you can treat it. The revised 9th edition includes updated content, photos and exercises.

An integral part of the McKenzie Method®, The Original McKenzie® Lumbar Roll™ corrects sitting posture in the car, at the office or anywhere you sit. It's built to unmatched quality standards, features a non-wrinkle, moisture-wicking fabric cover and has an adjustable strap. The Lumbar Roll measures 11" D. x 4¾" dia.

Set includes the Treat Your Own Back book and The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll.

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