Vive Health Bunion Splints - Comfortable Support & Protection

Vive Health SUP1089BLK
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Providing protection and support, the bunion splint uses an integrated aluminum brace to supply constant, gentle pressure on the big toe to realign it and slow the progression or formation of bunions. 

Relieves discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes. Also reduces pressure and inflammation for complete bunion pain relief.


  • EFFECTIVE BUNION RELIEF - Relieves pain and inflammation due to bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes

  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT & PROTECTION - An integrated aluminum plate protects painful bunions and supports proper toe alignment

  • FLEXIBLE FIT BRACE - Fully adjustable fastener system fits left and right feet

  • NONSLIP WEARABILITY - Secured with a strong external strap for minimal slipping and bunching

  • LOW-PROFILE DESIGN - Extended wear brace can be worn with socks and many shoe styles

  • SOFT BREATHABLE MATERIALS - Washable, lightweight fabrics for comfortable extended wear

  • **Non Returnable item once opened




Can I sleep with the bunion splint on?

Yes, after incrementally increasing the length of time worn each day,the splint can be worn throughout the night for supportive pain relief.

I have narrow feet. Will the bunion splint work for me?

Yes! The corrective brace is adjustable for a secure fit on most feet, up to a maximum arch circumference of 14 inches.

Can these bunion splints be worn with shoes?

Yes, Vive’s bunion splints can be worn with shoes or any footwear, however, they may need to be a size larger than usual.

What type of fabric are the bunion splints made of?

The inner layer is made with a breathable 100% cotton terry cloth. The outer layer is comprised of 100% polyester fabric.

Will the bunion splint heal my bunions?

The splint will slow the progression of bunions and will reduce pain and inflammation caused by them, but cannot heal them completely.

How do I wash my bunion splints?

It is recommended that the splints are hand washed with a mild detergent in cold water and air dried.

Can I walk with my bunion splints on?

Yes, the splints are designed to allow you to walk while providing corrective support for your big toe.

Is this a single splint or do I get one for each foot?

The bunion splint is packaged as a pair, one for the left foot and one for the right.