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Vive Health Universal CPAP Tube Brush & Mask Cleaning Kit

Vive Health LVA2046
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Made with soft nylon bristles, the Vive CPAP tube brush effectively removes debris, excess moisture and build-up from CPAP and BiPAP hoses. The soft bristles gently scrub the interior of the tubing without scratching or piercing the surface. 

Designed to work with standard 22mm tubing, the Vive CPAP tube brush features a compact brush head and a 7’ flexible stainless steel stem to effectively clean hoses of all lengths. The flexible brush is easily coiled for more compact storage.


  • EFFECTIVELY CLEAN DIRTY TUBING - Soft bristles remove debris, condensation and build-up to ensure clean, fresh tubing for safer, nightly use
  • DESIGNED FOR STANDARD HOSES - Sized to fit most standard CPAP and BiPAP tubing, the 22mm diameter brush head also works with heated hoses
  • ULTRA-SOFT BRISTLES - Nylon bristles gently clean tubing without scratching the interior surface
  • EXTENDED LENGTH BRUSH - deal for cleaning longer hoses, the CPAP tube brush measures 7’ in length
  • DETAILED BRUSH FOR SMALL AREAS - Easily clean connection points, tight crevices and more with the included 7” mask brush

Will the Vive CPAP tube brush fit through heated tubes?

Yes! The brush measures 22mm and fits through all standard CPAP and BiPAP tubes, including heated tubes.

Can I use the CPAP brush to clean my BiPAP tubing?

Yes, the brush will effectively clean BiPAP tubing that is 22mm or larger.

How long is the tube brush?

The Vive tube brush measures 7’ in length.

What do I use the small brush for?

The smaller brush may be used for cleaning connection points and the interior of the face mask.

How do I use the CPAP tube brush?

To clean your CPAP tubing, insert the loop end of the long brush into the tubing and pull through on the opposite end.

Does this set include two brushes?

Yes! The set includes one 7’ CPAP tube brush and one 7” brush for cleaning face masks and connection points.




    • For cleaning dirt, debris, build-up and excess moisture from CPAP and BiPAP tubing


    • Brush head diameter: 22mm
    • Face mask brush length: 7”
    • CPAP mask brush length: 7’


    • Soft, nylon bristles
    • Flexible stainless steel

    Care Instructions:

    • Gently wash the CPAP brushes in warm water with a mild cleaning solution
    • Allow to air dry completely before use or storage

    What’s Included:

    • Vive CPAP Tube Brush
    • Vive Detailed Mask Brush
    • 60 day guarantee

    UPC: 810041981790

    Product Number: LVA2046

    Shipping Weight:0.3 pounds