Handy Cane All-In-One Walking Aid with Built-In Reacher Grabber


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The Handy Cane is an innovative, patented walking aid that looks and functions like a traditional cane, but also features a versatile built-in grasper for picking up dropped or hard to reach objects. The Handy Cane grasper, which is designed to mimic the human hand, is nimble and sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper, or a coin, yet strong and rugged enough to reach and grab a can, jar or book from a shelf. When not in use, the grasper is tucked away into a sleek and elegant cane that provides support and stability on-the-go. Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Handy Cane Small measures 32.7 inches in length and is recommended for heights from 4 feet & 5 inches up to 5 feet & 5 inches. Handy Cane Medium measures 34.7 inches in length and is recommended for heights from 5 feet & 5 inches up to 6 feet & 1 inch. Handy Cane Large measures 37.7 inches in length and is recommended for heights over 6 feet & 1 inch. (Please note: These recommendations are based on statistical ergonomic size charts and individual comfort may vary.)

The neutral, charcoal gray, baked-on powder-coat finish resists scratches, marring and even fingerprints. Built to last, the Handy Cane is made of high quality materials like aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and space age plastics. While the Handy Cane itself weighs about 1 lb, it supports weight of up to 350 lbs and the reaching grasper can be used to easily grab items up to 5 lbs in weight. Enhance your independence and mobility with the convenient and versatile Handy Cane!


  • Award winning, patented all-in-one walking cane and built-in reaching grasper
  • Easily pick up hard to reach or dropped objects like keys, mobile phone or wallet
  • Easily reach and grab larger items like a can, bottle, jar or a book from a high or low shelf
  • Made with the highest quality materials for years of dependable service

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